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Graston Technique Specialist

Graston® Technique manual therapy is a special method of chiropractic care that breaks down scar tissue and eliminates fascial restrictions. At Elite Spine and Health Center, chiropractors Dr. Billy Cheong, Dr. Kesia Broome, Dr. Elias Madrid, Dr. Tabotha Green, and Dr. Francis Jopanda are Graston Technique experts who use this advanced method to relieve pain and range-of-motion issues. Call either of the state-of-the-art offices in Houston or Spring, Texas, or book an appointment online.

Graston Technique Q & A

The Graston Technique is a specialized form of chiropractic treatment that uses stainless steel instruments to break down scar tissue and loosen tight connective tissue (fascia). 

This technique is often a central part of rehabilitation and recovery because it can restore your range of motion and relieve your pain. 

If you experience tissue trauma, repetitive stress injuries, sports injuries, or are recovering from surgery, the Graston Technique can help you recover more quickly. Some of the specific types of pain and movement issues that the Graston Technique can help with include:

  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Trigger points
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Tennis elbow
  • Golfer’s elbow

The Graston Technique can disperse scar tissue that commonly builds up after surgery and help to preserve your normal range of motion.

In addition to treating connective tissue problems, the Graston Technique may also help with other conditions like arthritis. While arthritis affects the joints, it also causes changes within the tissues surrounding those joints, but the Graston Technique can restore those tissues to normal.

During a Graston Technique therapy session, the Elite Spine and Health Center team moves special instruments along painful or stiff areas of your body. The instruments briefly stop in areas with abnormal texture. Those are the areas with scar tissue buildup or other soft tissue issues. 

Then, the team uses other special tools and hand movements to manipulate the problem areas, ultimately breaking scar tissue down and loosening restrictions. 

The frequency of treatment depends upon your specific issues, but most people need treatment at least a couple of times a week until they start feeling better. 

A typical treatment duration is usually about four weeks, but yours may be shorter or longer based on your progress and recovery goals. 

Studies show that most people experience significant symptom reduction. For example, in clinical studies, people with chronic low back pain reported a dramatic increase in range of motion and a major decrease in their pain levels. 

The Graston Technique can ease your pain and enhance your range of motion if you have nearly any soft tissue dysfunction. Call Elite Spine and Health Center or arrange your consultation online.