Top Benefits of Drinking Kombucha

Top Benefits of Drinking Kombucha

Kombucha…it’s a funny name for an even funnier beverage. This fermented drink is made from a combination of sugar, beneficial bacteria, yeast, and black or green tea.

And it’s delicious.

There are dozens of brands available at your local supermarket. But if you’ve never tried it, getting behind this seemingly good-for-you drink can be tough. After all, fermentation can get funky!

With kombucha, you’re right…it can. But that fermentation does some incredible things. Here are a few surprising benefits of drinking kombucha you can experience for yourself.

Kombucha Is High in Probiotics

Probiotics are an essential part of your gut and digestive health. But the standard diet rich in processed foods and sugars can kill off the probiotics in your gut.

This makes it harder for your body to digest food and get the nutrients it needs to thrive.

The average kombucha contains more than a billion natural probiotics. While this isn’t as many as a probiotics supplement, most people find that their body responds better to the ‘buch.

Think of it this way. When you take a pill or supplement, it slowly dissolves in your stomach with help from your stomach acid. Once it’s broken down, whatever the acid hasn’t killed off gets absorbed into your system.

Kombucha gets absorbed by your colon almost immediately. It then deposits the probiotics where they need to go without exposing them to harsh stomach acid.

But here’s the real kicker…you can combine kombucha with your probiotic supplements. And you can do it without worrying about overloading your system!

It May Help with Weight Loss

No, it’s not a diet drink that speeds up your metabolism. But that doesn’t mean the fermented tea can’t help you lose weight.

Since kombucha has few calories and low sugar content, it won’t make you pack on the pounds. And instead of having to drink boring water all day, you’ll have a slightly sweet and fizzy beverage to reach for.

For many people, it’s enough to stave off sugar cravings in the middle of the day. And when you’re consuming fewer calories, you’ll start to lose weight.

Kombucha Is Rich in Antioxidants

Antioxidants are nutritional powerhouses.

They help your body destroy harmful free radicals that can damage healthy cells and increase your risk of certain health conditions. They promote healthy hair and skin and keep your immune system working.

But because of our standard diets, most people don’t get enough antioxidants from the food they eat.

Adding kombucha into your routine can help increase your antioxidant content each day. Keep in mind that it’s not enough to offset the effects of a poor diet. You still want to incorporate plenty of fresh fruits and veggies and cut back on processed foods whenever possible.

The Drink Has Antibacterial Properties

During the fermentation process, the tea develops a high amount of acetic acid, a compound commonly found in vinegar.

But this acid does more than contribute to the tangy taste of the drink. It also helps kill bacteria and harmful microbes growing in your gut.

Antibiotics kill off the beneficial bacteria and probiotics in your digestive tract. This can make it harder for you to digest food after a round of treatment. Worse, it can make you feel off for weeks after you finish your pills.

But kombucha helps get rid of small amounts of bad yeast and microbes that can make you feel ill. And it does this without destroying the probiotic levels in your digestive tract.

It’s not a substitute for antibiotics and you should never use it instead of seeing your doctor. But it can still help you keep your body functioning properly.

It’s a Natural Pick-Me-Up

The afternoon slump is real. And it can destroy your productivity for hours at a time.

But does that mean you should always reach for a cup of coffee? Not necessarily. Coffee can make you jittery and leave you more unfocused than you were before.

Instead, try drinking a kombucha. The beverage contains a small amount of caffeine and tons of vitamins to help perk you up.

Best of all, it won’t give you the shakes right in the middle of the workday!

Helps Curb Your Craving for Soda

Believe it or not, almost 48 percent of Americans drink soda each day. And some of those people are even addicted to the fizzy stuff.

With more than 100 calories and dozens of grams of sugar in each can, the addiction makes for a lot of empty calories. The sooner you can cut it out of your daily routine, the better.

And kombucha can help.  

The tea has the same or more carbonation than the average soda. It satisfies that craving for fizz just as thoroughly as your favorite can of pop.

Like soda, it packs plenty of flavor. But makers use fruit juice and herbs to get the perfect taste.

The taste won’t be as sweet as your favorite cola. But for most people, it’s just enough to satisfy the craving. Eventually, you’ll stop craving those carbonated sugar bombs altogether.

Experience the Benefits of Drinking Kombucha

The benefits of drinking kombucha are perfect reasons to give this healthy drink a try. Pick up a few bottles, give your taste buds a chance to adjust, and see if you notice a change.

Even if you do, remember that no supplement or health drink is a substitute for regular chiropractic care. If you’re in pain or concerned about the way you’re moving, make an appointment as soon as possible. We’ll help you get back to feeling better in no time.

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