10 Long-Term Health Benefits of Losing Weight

10 Long-Term Health Benefits of Losing Weight

Weight gain is a problem for millions, and according to the World Health Organization (WHO), since 1975, obesity has tripled across the globe affecting 650 million adults and 39 million children. In America, over 40% of adults and nearly 20% of children struggle with being obese, and the health risks increase with the weight.

Obesity increases the risk of many serious conditions, but fortunately, it can be managed. Losing weight can make a major difference both in your health and in your lifestyle, even if it’s 5-10 pounds. Let’s examine this problem by looking at the complications of gaining weight, the importance of committing to weight loss, and the long term benefits of keeping the weight off.

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Complications of weight gain

Bad dietary habits and inactivity are often causes of obesity, but hormonal, genetic, and metabolic problems can also lead to an excess of weight even if you’re active. People struggling with obesity can find themselves struggling with serious conditions like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, several digestive problems, and severe complications from COVID-19. Cancers of the digestive tract (colon, esophagus, rectum, intestines) as well as the gallbladder, kidneys, pancreas, prostate, cervix, ovaries, and breasts increase in people dealing with obesity.

Committing to weight loss

Weight loss is a commitment to better health, and regardless of what regimen you’re using to achieve this goal, it will include a change in diet and an increase in exercise and general physical activity. This means making sure you’re ready for the changes you’re about to make and sticking with it, finding a motivation to keep going, and making realistic goals to reach. A healthier diet and increase in exercise can’t make the change you want if you can’t dedicate yourself to wanting it to happen and staying with it.

Benefits of keeping the weight off

Losing weight and keeping it off can have a number of life-changing benefits, including:

  • Reduced stress on your bones and joints: less weight means less pressure on your body to do basic things, and less work for your bones and joints
  • Improved blood pressure: obesity raises blood pressure leading to hypertension and other problems, lower weight helps to keep that in check
  • Reduced chances of cardiovascular disease: heart problems often result from problems related to weight, and reducing the pounds means lowering your risk 
  • Better mobility: simply put, stress on your body from weight means being able to move better, and work to stay fit easier
  • Better rest: illnesses like sleep apnea can result from obesity and losing weight helps to reduce symptoms and increase quality of sleep
  • Improved mood: obesity can lead to depression and anxiety, and shedding pounds can help reduce these mood problems
  • Better sex life: too much weight can affect your interest and ability to have sex, and losing it can help you regain both
  • More energy: carrying the extra pounds makes it harder for your to want to do things to stay active, and weight loss can give you your energy back
  • Less stress and anxiety: being more active not only improves your physical health, it helps relieve stress and lower problems with anxiety
  • Improved confidence: being thinner, healthier and more able to do the things you want can do wonders for your self-esteem

Less weight leads to better health, and in many cases a longer life. If you’re struggling to reach this goal for yourself, we can help. If you’re ready to take the first step to a healthier you, make an appointment with Drs. Cheong, Broome, Madrid, Shaw, and Elite Spine and Health Center today. 

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